IUG Receives The Minister of Water Authority

28 - Jan - 2018

In his adorable visit to boost cooperation with IUG, the Minister of Water Authority Eng. Mazen Ghonaim showed his honour and gratitude to the Islamic University that, as he described, is one of the gorgeous edifices of knowledge in Palestine. The Minister appreciated IUG endeavour to continue incubating top-notch projects that serve various fields. He drew attention on the achievements implemented by the Islamic University under the difficult conditions that have left impacts on the academic, research and community levels. Matching between IUG& Water Authority endeavours, Eng. Ghonaim pointed out to the importance of cooperation to achieve sustainable development, he revealed the Authority intention to open a desalination plant soon in Gaza. Therefore, he invited the competent authorities to attend and take their role in furthering development.

IUG President Prof. Nasser Farahat with the Dean of Foreign Affairs Prof. Ahmed Mohaisen and the Dean of Science faculty Prof. Asad Asad have received the Minister who was accompanied by Eng. Rebhi Al-Shaikh, vice president of the Water Authority. Prof. Farahat praised the authority's attention to strengthen this cooperation that contributes to getting rid of water pollution and other related-crises in Gaza.