Celebration of Distinguished Teachers in Ministry OF Education

31 - Dec - 2017


IUG faculty of Education has recently awarded the distinguished teachers of the ministry of Education who participated in the competition this year. The celebration was in the presence of the dean of the Faculty of Education Prof. Mohammad Abu Shqair, the vice dean of the Faculty Prof. Fuad Al Ajez, the head of the Training Department Prof. Mgdi Aqel, and the Director of the Supervision Department of the M.E prof. Mahmoud Matar. Additionally to other directors of the Ministry of Education, a number of distinguished teachers, and several faculty members from the Faculty of Education at IUG.

In his speech, Prof. Abu Shoqair highlighted the great role of the Islamic University in supporting the educational process by every mean that can change the educational situation in the Palestinian society. Prof. Abu Shqair emphasized on the necessity of overcoming the hindrances of creativity. Conversely, investing all available opportunity to provide a good environment for teaching.


As for the word of distinguished teachers, the teacher Rana zeyada, the winner of the first place from the East Gaza, thanked IUG and M.E for preparing for the competition and the ceremony. Continued, she praised the role of teachers in harnessing all efforts to provide a better environment for teaching and to develop the student's personality and their creative thinking. This can be achieved through the investment of appropriate methods of teaching and updated technological applications, as she added.

The best teacher competition in Palestine (2017) launched by the M. E, in which (5) teachers from the Gaza Strip, and (15) teachers from the West Bank have participated.  Fortunately, the winner was from Gaza: Teacher. Rana Zeyada, Teacher. Fedia Abu Meri, and Teacher. Hamdan Al-Agha.