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Closing Ceremony of Training Disabled Youth on Social Media Marketing

04 - Dec - 2017

People with special needs no longer be marginalized when an institution like Islamic University embraces their willpower. Working on rehabilitating people with special needs, IRADA Centre finalized the project "Training Poor Disabled Youth to Work in Social Media Marketing" in partnership with Work Without Borders Company.  The project offers telecommuting jobs through social media sites for those who finished the training program with IRADA. The project also maintains them attached to companies abroad. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Bart Hormans, Mr. Nasser Ghanim, Ms. Haneen Abu Nahla, from the Belgian agency, Eng. Shafiq Safi, from the Work Without Borders, Eng.Tariq Al Habbash, director of IRADA center, and Eng. Manal Hasna, Chair Of funding and Public relations.

The ceremony began with an informative video about the project. In which Eng. Habbash praised the achievements of IRADA center in training and hiring persons with special needs. He mentioned that the center enabled (900) persons with disabilities to indulge in the training filed, and worked on hiring them. Launching such Projects is necessary during the tough conditions that increase the unemployment rates among persons with disabilities to 90%.  At the end of his word, Eng. Habash extended his thinking to the Belgian Development Agency for their support and to IRADA Center too.

Mr. Bart saw how much it is benefiting to graduate persons with disabilities because training them on social media sites would open to them a wide window into marketing field. Mr. Bart appreciated all endeavors of IRADA & Work Without Borders Company in managing the training camp, he oriented his thank to people with special needs for their strong will and determination.

Eng. Safi said that his company seeks to connect people with special needs with other companies abroad since it is a duty to raise up the youths' spirit. He praised that the good partnership between Work Without Borders Company and IRADA does so.