The Second Macaw Exhibition

05 - Dec - 2017

Under the patronage of UCAS Incubator, The Faculty of It has recently launched events of the Second Designers Exhibition" Macaw Gallery" to spotlights on the students' creativity in the field of designing. The opening ceremony was in the presence of Prof. Salem Hellis, Vice president for Academic Affairs, Prof. Rebhi Baraka, Dean of IT Faculty, Prof. Ashraf Maghari, Chair of Multimedia Department; besides, a number of representatives from the joint institution. In partnership with the designers Club and the technology club, the exhibition is supposed to continue for two days 5-6.December.  

Prof. Barakah noted that the exhibition aims at enhancing the students' role in the community participation, helping them deliver certain messages and perspectives through different design methods, as well as show the professional skills and creative talents of students.

Prof. Hellis, expressed his admiration over the topnotch products the Macaw Exhibition contained in the designing field, he also praised the tireless efforts exerted in preparing for this high-level event.

Prof. Ayman Al-Omriti, director & participant in the exhibition, confirmed that his participation was mainly to provide designing and artistic expertise to students, and spotting lights on students' talents to raise the attention of those concerned with creativity.

"Macau 2" is the second of its kind, includes 20 participants, and different corners varied between national, heritage and commercial aspects of a group of designers and amateurs in Palestine and the Arab nation.