Online Platform, From Gaza To The Whole World

03 - Dec - 2017

Since Competition is limitless, they had to individuate with distinction and depth. The eagerness pushed two owners of a pioneering idea to construct an integrated city of consultation in all spheres of life to be the first platform of its kind in Palestine.

The Twenty-Five- bilateral Soliman Alloh & Tasneem Shiekh Khalil have worked for months on developing their project " Almosheb" for consultation since the consulting market is the most developed in the world according to Forbs 2016.

Eng. Alloh, the Software manager and databases in the project, says, "We directed the idea to the consulting sector, for it can surpass the spatial and temporal dimension of Gaza. Therefore, we decided to export our idea to the whole world, and present our skills in offering good consultation for a certain sum of any hoping that can better the economic situation of Gaza". About the idea of the project, he adds, "I tried to combine between the ancient & the modern and the dust science & algorithm. I tried to get rid of the heavy papers, so I looked for something similar to these invented by Al-Khwarizmi". He continues, "We started the first experiment by using some numbers and programs, then we moved to a more sophisticated idea which is the network of consulting; it brings the largest number of people with no consultancy experience together."

There are two reasons beyond choosing this name. Firstly, the main goal of the company is offering knowledge deliberately to those who need it. Secondly, "Almosheb" is attractive and musical word suitable for the Arabic Phonics, which can create a different brand of the company in the Arab world.  Almosheb application is available in websites and plays store in Arabic and English Language. It is a link between expert consultants and people need consultation in return for some money. Each consultant obtains a special membership involves the C.V as a marketing platform. The application does not restrict people in one direction, but rather it offers all options and make them free for users. The user can submit a review request assuring that the consultation was not useful; the application will be examined and there is a possibility of recovering the money.

Tasneem Sheikh Khalil, the Android developer in the project says, "At the beginning, the application will provide consultation in the mental health field only. After achieving success reaches 2%, the project will move to the international market and tackling all fields". The user can benefit from the service through (Pay Pal) System, and ship balance through cards sold at communication centers. Later, the payment will be through (Master Card).

Of course, there is no gain without pain. Constructing the company was not that easy for two living in Gaza. They had to build privet servers due to the scarce of the updated software in Gaza. Not only that, they also found a problem in contacting with specialized content companies that manage the content of their company with a reasonable and acceptable price. Ultimately, they were able to overcome this trouble by building a teamwork for managing the content.

Tasneem & Soliman seek to make their company locally and internationally giant in the consultation field.