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SEED2 Completes Funding & Technical Support Phase

03 - Dec - 2017

SEED Project to support start-up companies has continued implementing the funding and technical support phase for owners of incubated projects by SEED2.

The coordinator of SEED2 Mr. Ashraf Hijaze said, "The project completes the funding phase for start-up companies which selected to be incubated in SEED2. SEED2 includes (15) Pioneering Projects highlights the Fields: Media, IT, Services and industry. SEED is a mean to accelerate business workings and open new horizons of marketing".

Mr. Hijaze noted that the funding phase includes procurement and supply works according to developmental and purchasing plans introduced by owners of the companies. The plans have been subjected to revising after studying each project and assessing the needs. This can lead to further objectives of development and widen the company horizons.

Eng. Israa Musa, the coordinator of SEED2, clarified that the project has started in parallel with the funding phase. On the other hand, the technical and managing phase aims at overcoming difficulties through guidance from a number of consultants and experts participated either by attending the sessions or via Skype. These sessions target chiefly the technical and marketing problems, then finding solutions and searching for the vertical and horizontal growth of services and products offered by companies.