Funded By Erasmus+

Delegation From Sienna University Visits IUG

27 - Nov - 2017

For many years passed, IUG has built a stunning progress in the partnership field. About more than 142 international Partners, 120 Academic Programs, and 20 Research centers have created a phenomenal wealth of knowledge for IUG. This is a proof to be highly recognized in promoting education.

One of IUG ways for promoting education is by supporting the academic mobility with international universities. IUG has recently received an Italian delegation from Sienna University. The delegation visit was chiefly to enhance the academic mobility between IUG & Sienna which is included in Erasmus+ program.  It also discussed new aspects of developing the scientific research. 

The delegation has included Dr. Badalamonte, Director of External Relations and research, Dr. Analija Bojiye, Head of International Relations, and Dr. Candida Calvo Vicente, Chair of Students and researcher' office. It has been received by the Vice president for the Academic Affairs, Prof. Salim Hellis as well as Prof. Mosheer Amer, the acting director of public relations and Prof. Ahmed Mohaisen, Dean of external relation.

Prof. Ahmed Mohaisen clarified that the visit opens the doors of travel for academicians and master students to visit Sienna University. This visit also included discussions about the international cooperation suggested by the two universities.

Dr. Meri Kaluli, the director of the Italian Cultural Centre in Gaza, pointed out that the visit aimed at facilitating the mobility process between IUG students in Gaza and their peers at Sienna University in Italy.  She stated that the project focused on the possibility of traveling to study a full academic semester for students and spend two weeks of teaching for academicians at the hosting University.

 The delegation held an information workshop for researchers, specialists and interested people to let them know more about Sienna University and its available services introduced to them. The workshop included some information about the international mobility available to Sienna as well as the conditions for applying. IUG museum was the last stage that contained the delegation within its walls.  It exemplifies the Academic, research, and architectural construction of the university for 39 years.