Under Patronage of HE minister, Sabri Sedam

The Silent Ceremony

07 - Nov - 2017

SILENCE and nothing but SILENCE was filling the space. The Hall, the Students, the Professors and all families' eyes were crowding impatiently at the entrance. Mothers were waiting. Children were waving banners and pictures overheads. At a moment, the music loudly played which provoked everyone to stand, and with one overjoyed heart, and much gratitude to The Islamic University, the audience clapping and cheers had ripped that utter silence to announce Deaf students Alumni, to tell them that they were never deaf; they have been listening by their hearts. Their hearts that fatigued of searching for an outlet; today, they are relieved and deeply thank IUG for opening that outlet to them. Regularly, the Alumni entered the hall and the curtains silently be raised as if it was a duty to show solidarity with silent people beneath. Once it opened, a banner hanged on the front wall gradually appears "The Graduation Ceremony of the 3rd Batch of Deaf Students". With much respect to the IUG, and to the Public Relations specifically, who worked day and night to please students at this day, the corporal bestowed glory words upon audience coming and appreciation and upon students' willpower, and then he introduced the presidency of IUG for delivering its word.

A Unique Batch

"Since the opening of this university, thousands of students have graduated, and many distinguished alumni worked at IUG, but this batch of deaf students were the most UNIQUE"The president of IUG Prof. Nasser Farahat stood proudly in front of them, pointing to them while talking, though they failed to listen to him, but they have succeeded in what is totally greater. They succeeded in outlining for their dreams. He praised that IUG has held the responsibility, since its construction, to serve the society with all available means; meanwhile, help to surpass hindrances and dilemmas facing students. As he finished, he oriented the speech to alumni "Today is the harvesting day of what you have implanted for years. You deserve the best and your families too".

Alumni word

On behalf of his deaf colleagues, the graduate Ibrahim Abu Amra delivered the word silently by signs, while a translator back there gave the meaning by words. Tears were sparkling vividly in his eyes while standing as such to thank everyone particularly The Islamic University for paving the road for the deaf to engage in the Innovative Technology disciplinary. As if it was a miracle and now, it comes true.

Success stories

In front of her family, looking at the audience, Suha Abu Amra who was suffering from shortcomings of her family, stood cheerfully to tell people how she has challenged all wicked hardships and determined to fulfill her educational life as she has acquired skills and experiences from the university. Not only her, Prof. Sady Abu Amra also expressed his happiness over fulfilling Master Degree at IUG despite hardships he faced,  but his consolation is that he was the first Deaf student held Master Degree in Palestine.   

 The Islamic University is a beacon of knowledge, its light touches every searcher for success. No matter how rigid the hindrances are, IUG services facilitate them for students, for it draws no ways except the ways of success