In partnership with Graz

Using Moodle Technique, IUG Participates In Gender Equalities Program

11 - Oct - 2017

Including in activities of the Project "Strengthening Capacities of Higher Education Institutions in Gender Equality", an academic team from IUG has participated with(16) hours from higher studies program approved by Graz University. A participant can get his Diploma, consists of three courses, in Woman Equality from Graz University.

For better outcomes, IUG team is supposed to introduce critical revisions of studies, research, dissertations, and theories depending on Islamic view. Moreover, participate in discussions with (23) participants from around the world, by using Moodle Technique. Besides, work in groups for writing articles and preparing scientific Papers.

The Program will be taught by specialists from Graz University including Prof. Libor, project Coordinator of (SHE-GE).

Importantly, the Islamic University as a coordinator with Graz has won the funding for this Project from Appear Program in May 2017.