Medicine Faculty

Scottish Delegation Discusses Ways Of Palliative Care Development

11 - Oct - 2017

Scottish Academic Delegation includes specialists from Palliative Care field, visits Medicine Faculty at IUG. The delegation consists of Mrs. Catharine Miars, Mrs. Jeite Gillette, and Mrs. Moira Ling who have been received by Prof. Fadel Naem, Dean of Medicine Faculty, Prof. Potina Potchar and other faculty members.  

Prf. Fadel Naem clarified that the visit targeted training Medicine students, qualifying them, and enhancing the culture of implementing the principles and philosophy of Palliative Treatment to be part of action protocols in intensive care & oncology department. He added: the visit searches for ways of Palliative Care development since it concerns about psychological sides of Patients. It focuses on alleviating their suffering and symptoms hoping that could better their lives' system as possible. Prof. Naem mentioned that the visit includes several meetings with decision makers and other stockholders in the health sector. Also, the medical delegation will participate in training Palliative Treatment Students, besides, giving lectures to them; then heading toward Al-Rantisi Hospital & European Gaza Hospital for practical training.