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One Of IUG Projects Is In 2030 Agenda For Sustainable Development.

10 - Oct - 2017

The Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth has selected "Enhancing the Employability of Engineering students& Graduates in Gaza through Better Linkages with the Privet Sector" project as one of the best youth employment projects worldwide. The project, carried out by U.N system, had taken about half and a year and benefited Engineering students.

 Prof. Saed Al-Ghora, Dean of CSCED, mentioned that this tremendous accomplishment is a testimony to Dean's serving of all segments of society, especially youths. Where it falls within IUG strategy that seeks to develop and serve the community.

 Project outcomes

1.       Strengthen employment skills in administrative side by exposing to jobs and visiting institutions.

2.       Prepare instruction manual of job descriptions.

3.       Hold graduates employment day.

4.       Implement technical interventions of Engineering Faculty- personnel and students in the privet sector.

Practically, the project targeted (70) factories devastated in 2014 Israel aggression on Gaza. Project's team, by utilizing DACUM methodology, was able to develop three training programs suitable for market's needs with the assistance of foreign experts & Lecturers. More importantly, the team got a group of students partaking in companies so that can boost their practical aspects. This brought benefits to industrial- engineering students who became able to diagnose technical problems of factories and work to find solutions.

This project is under umbrella of ILO series of projects rotating around strengthening academic-private sector relationship, and it carried out by CSCED at IUG.