French Delegation

IUG & Gaza On The Eyes Of France

11 - Sep - 2017

A French delegation involves Mr. John Patest, A French Archaeologist, with companion of Mr. Alevo Davo, The Chief of Cultural Cooperation of Consulate in Jerusalem, visits IUG and praises the civilizational& historical site of Gaza.

Warmly, Dr. Raed Salha, The Dean of Faculty of Art, welcomed the delegation and provide a background about the University, its vision, goals, activities, academic programs and its external relations, confirming on the IUG endeavor to weave a cooperative web with all universities in& out Palestine. For more clarification, Dr. Salha gifted his book about Gaza's history and reality to Mr. Patest, as well as, IUG logo.

As the speech was going on, Mr. Patest extended in talking about Gaza and its history saying, "Gaza is one of the oldest cities in the world, and it contains most important archaeological places like Balakhia site". He mentioned that he was in charge of a team excavated in Balakhia; several times, he found different antiquities. He expressed his grief over what has been happening to Gaza and Balakhia site, which hindered to complete the excavation journey.

Seeking opportunity to talk about Gaza, he directed attention to the historical importance of Tal-Sakan site near to Gaza Valley, hinting that it contains antiquities of the oldest Canaanite city found in the south of Palestine. As he visited the place, he signaled that he saw houses' walls dates back about six thousand years. Mr. Patest recommended Department of History and Archaeology to pay much attention to these sites as they represent a national value to Palestine, and a knowledgeable one to the world.

He promised to exert effort in recalling archeologists for the sake of excavating; most importantly, he revealed his intention to cooperate and work with IUG.