IUG & Alumni

Rehabilitation Programs In The Field Of Auditing & Accounting given to Commerce Alumni

11 - Sep - 2017

The Unit of Alumni affairs with cooperation of International office for consultants and auditing held a rehabilitation program in the field of Auditing & accounting aims to polish abilities of Commerce alumni; the program targeted 100 Commerce Alumni.

Mr. Mohammed Al- Kurd, The Coordinator of the Unit of Alumni affairs, praised the significance of the co-training programs with related- institutions that enable alumni to improve their potentials, and to acquire sufficient information that prepare them to the work environment. He mentioned that the practical side is as equally important as the theoretical one, showing a set of activities and plans the Unit implements and will implement. Finally, he thanked the international office for paving the road for alumni.

Opening the opportunity, the international office introduced a brief description about the company, its services, and about the training program, which includes 30 training hours distributed on 20 theoretical hours, and 10 practical ones.

It is noteworthy that The Unit of Alumni affairs is working to implement a set of rehabilitation programs that given freely to alumni to rehabilitate and polish them in the local and international market.