Signature of Memorandum of Cooperation between IUG & the Palestinian Fund for Employment -PFESP

30 - Aug - 2017



Prof. Nasser Farahat, IUG Chairman, signed a memorandum of cooperation with MS. Ibtisam Hosary, Executive Director of the Palestinian Fund for Employment, to boost cooperation in field of higher studies, scientific researches, and training and employing of graduates.

Agreement goals

Both sides quicken the pace to build a bright future to Palestinian community through

·        Exchange outcomes of MA and scientific researches that produced at IUG with PFESP.  

·        Orient MA researches to address the needs of Palestinians.

·        Develop scientific research to serve co-goals of IUG& PFESP through proposing research topics for implementation.

·        Think of ideas to improve economy and find employment opportunities for graduates& unemployed; meanwhile, build their abilities.

·        Widen their small projects to include more ideas and labors.

·        Participate in adopting vocational training curriculum for several specializations.


Areas of cooperation

As long as both sides know the terms and goals of the agreement, several fields are within reach includes MA researches and finished studies in Business sector, entrepreneurship projects, training and permanent & temporary employment.


Related to the agreement, IUG& PFESP have to be committed for implementing studies and researches that target the Palestinian market with its two basics supply and demand. In addition, they have to find employment opportunities in different fields and sectors such as individual and collective projects in environment of business, and required labor of value chain. More importantly, they should support orientation to implemented research, and particularize its requirements, as it is a polarization of labors and employment. IUG is supposed to do special studies on research programs' levels to support the work of Palestinian Fund for Employment. It is noteworthy that both of them are in charge of offering training centers and facilitating everything that can serve the Palestinian community.