Samah outlines for her dream, and the Islamic university makes it true

08 - Aug - 2017

 What marks do with willpower? "I am a graduate; she smiles, I am the Doctor Samah Afana. My journey has started from 2007 when I excellently passed high school, and got 93.7%. Alas, my average was the first obstacle that stood against me from joining the medicine faculty. Therefore, I joined another one; I enrolled in Khanyounos training collage succeeded to the UN to study nursing. Though I found nursing interesting, but my hope was chasing after medicine. In 2008, I took a decision to re-take the high school exam alongside my ongoing study at collage. More than once, exams at collage and exams at school were scheduled at the same day. I barely managed to match between them. Unfortunately, I got 89.2% in high school, less than first time. Do you think I surrendered? In 2009, I graduated from college with a distinction degree, the best student at all specializations.

 I was awarded a year of working in UN clinics. In 2010, I adventured for the third time to re-take the high school exam alongside my work at UN, and I got 94.7 %. My average still has not matched the acceptance key of medicine. Pessimism was about to flood into my heart, but the Islamic university offered me to join the science faculty for a year with capability to gain the distinction degree, so then I can join medicine. I did. I was the best student in science. With a beautiful smile she adds, "Finally I was accepted in the medicine faculty too".

(People clapping to her warmly. For these students, doctors and the head of the university standing and clapping with honor.)

Today, in 2017, I fulfill my dream; I am licensed as a Doctor in medicine with a very good degree. My journey was tough and too long, but my boat has finally found its harbor. I had a strong ability to achieve my dream and this is what distinguished me. People thought it impossible; I am here to prove that you can erase any possibility of pessimism. You have to try more than once to facilitate every difficulty. This is a message to everyone outlining for his dream. Don’t give up.

I remembered when Journalists knew about my trials, they said that I am crazy about medicine. (People wholeheartedly again standing and clapping, happiness jumps to Samah's heart and she smiles joyfully.

I gifts my phenomenal success to my father's spirit who passed away six months ago, unfortunately, he has not witnessed this moment. Many thanks goes to my mother, my husband and every teacher and doctor pushed me forward. A special thanks to World Assembly of Muslim Youth since they were lightening my heavy burden throughout my trials. Thank you all.