HUDA defeats a 12-year- old of agony, and the Islamic university embraces her success.

08 - Aug - 2017

At the graduation stage of Islamic university, Huda stood strongly to remind us how to re-create hope from the womb of pain.  "Have you still remembered that little girl who lost 7 members of her family on Gaza beach 12 years ago? On Friday 9/6/2006. That girl who was filling with joy and love among her family's laughing before the perfidious pitiless Israel bombing their cheerfulness. Her father, her brother, four of her sisters and her ant were all killed in that day. Yet her mother, her second brother, four of her sisters and she were injured. That girl was 12 years; she was too tiny to witness the death of her family. Have you still remembered me? I am that little girl, Huda Ali Ghali".

(The audience standing and clapping to her).

After this horrific event, my mother and two of my sisters went to Egypt for cure. The rest went to Israel for the same reason. Six months passed before my little family have gathered again. We endured. Satisfied and went on. I completed my education, successfully passed high school then I hoped to join the Islamic university. I did. The Islamic university offered me a scholarship so I can fulfill my education there. Many thanks to my university and to my Mom who brought me up and encouraged me in all phases of my life. Today, I am standing on the university graduation stage, holding my success between my hands thanking every one pushing me forward. Now, I am 23 years of pain, hope and success.

 (Huda's mother hugs her daughter wishing her a bright future, the hall filled with honor and every one standing and clapping)

The head of the university takes the stage and says, "Huda is not a usual person in Palestine, but embodies a part in every Palestinian heart, we have to take care of her and stand by her. We were beside her in the bachelor degree; we will be beside her in the next education phases. He adds," the Islamic university opening its doors to sons and daughters of martyrs and injured". He hands over the certificate to Huda and her Mother, taking photos and greeting the people.