In Partnership with UNICEF and Funded by Al-Fahkora

IUG Conducts A Training course to Strengthen Child Protection

23 - May - 2017

IUG Conducted A Training course to Strengthen Child Protection, From 8TH of May 2010 till 22 of May 2017, and for the first time in Gaza, an essential training regarding to Strengthen child protection in social work curriculum in Gaza, under the project of investing education, and building Resilience project, that funded by Qatar, Alfakhora, and implemented by the Islamic University of Gaza under the supervision of Dr Ahmed Alrantisi, the head of social work department, in partnership with the UNICEF under the supervision of Dr Safa Naser the head of the child protection program in UNICEF.  

The Islamic university proudly hugged this great educational project,  as it’s always unique in improving the high education process.

The project had been implemented in the social work department, the training was for the social work specialists, both academics, and workers.

The first part of training began at 8TH of May till 11TH of May, the featured matter was that the Topic, and subject of training was really new, and enriching the social work practice for the specialized trainees who attended the training.

The trainer was Dr Teresia Kani, from Melbourne university, who is specialized in GGC, family group conference Method in Solving child, and family problem in hard cases.

FGC family group conference, this was the training subject, and how this can be used. Employed, and implemented in working with families, and children who have many types of problems, and issues that can’t be solved easily by the family without the help of the other around them.

The trainees were from different Association in Gaza, specially the NGOS add to a big number of MOSA, the ministry of social work as they have a special department for child protection, and they are mainly working with delinquents.

They spent a great time as we listened to their point of views, and also they get new methods and information, to applied and practice in their work.

The second part of training Started at 15Th of May 2017 till 18TH May 2017, this is the most important part that will play an essential role in enriching the social work Curriculum of the Islamic University, and other universities in Gaza.

The trainee was an academics from different universities in Gaza, The Islamic university by default, Alqouds opened university, Alaqsa university, university college of applied science, Alazhar University also had been invited.

The training had been divided for eight modules, four of them related to Social work, while the other modules talks heavily and enriched child protection curriculum.

The trainer was Dr Susan Costello from RMIT university in Australia, the Dr who teaches social work for the social work student and the MA ones.

She has an Experience of more than 38 years, as she began her life as a qualified social worker.

The trainees were very interactive; they did role plays add to their big concern to the new materials that been discussed during the training days.

The Islamic university believe hardly in exchanging experiences, because of that it works hard to bring foreigners experts, professors, and specialist, to exchange experiences in many fields.

Finally, the great thanks had to be mentioned for those noble people who had been travelled for a long distance, to exchange experience, and help both academic, and workers in the field of social work.