In Cooperation with Glasgow University

IUG Holds a Symposium on Intercultural Communication in the Context of Challenges

29 - Apr - 2017

In Cooperation with Glasgow Department of English Studies, IUG English Department holds a symposium on Intercultural Communication in the Context of Challenges.  The event was inaugurated by Dr. Ayman Al Hallaq, the head of the English Department, who adroitly tried to foreshadow all the resonating  themes of our symposium.  Dr. Hallaq  stressed the importance of Intercultural Communication in getting people together rather seeing themselves as 'I' and the 'Other'.  Hence, the sessions of the symposium  started.

There have been three academic sessions with unique presentation.  The first Session was led by Professor Khader Khader, the chair of the Academic Committee of the English Department. The topic  of the first presenter was about  the paradox of translating the  Untranslatable: Translating Arabic Idioms and Religious expressions

Dr. Walid Amer stressed the need for the  translators from Arabic to English and vice versa to be knowledgeable of the linguistic and the cultural aspects of both Languages.

 The second presentation was by Dr. Abed Raboo Abu Elian, it was about the need for intercultural  communicative competence for teachers and learners of English.

The third Presentation was about Krmasch's model of third place or Symbolic competence.  Dr. Akram Habeeb explicated the model and stressed the need for the Palestinian teachers to adopt it while teaching the Palestinian learners.  At the end of the three presentation, the moderator Prof. Khader Khader responded and tried skillfully  to connect all the three presentations to the theme of the symposium . Hence, the presenters answered the audience questions according to the allotted time.

After a 15- minute break , the second session which was led by Prof. Walid Amer started. The first presentation was by MA student, Ms. Heba Hamouda; it was a real application of Kramsch's model on a poem which was written by Dr. Habeeb titled ' Homeless Christ" Ms. Hamouda showed how the poet was a real cultural mediator who positioned himself in the third position in order to have his message get through.

The second Presentation was by Dr. Nazmi Al Masri, it was about Language and culture in Global Context; Dr. Al Masri stressed the need for teachers and learners to be equipped with cross cultural awareness in order to better communicate with multiple cultures. The third presentation was given by Ms. Hend Attallah, another MA student. Here presentation was about  the difficulty translators encounter  when they translate humor from Arabic into English. At the end of the session, Prof. Walid Amer responded and allowed audience to ask questions which were carefully answered by the presenters.

After a half an hour- break, we connected with Glasgow where our eminent guest speaker was waiting for us to give her long awaited presentation about who is the foreign language teacher. Dr Habeeb led the session and he started by warmly welcoming Prof. Kramsch for her willingness to speak about a very interesting topic to our Gaza students; it was about the qualities, the skills,  and the intercultural competence teachers of foreign languages.  Prof. Kramsch was very happy with the quality of the questions she received from Gaza, and she promised to speak on more occasions to IUG English Department students. The session ended by Dr. Habeeb  wrapping up the functions of the day, and then thanking all the participants mainly  our guest speaker Prof. Kramsch. Dr. Habeeb concluded by reciting  his poem 'Homeless Christ'

 Dr. Al Masri  did not let the occasion go without  thanking our guests Prof. Kramsch and all his friends in Glasgow who coordinated with Dr. Habeeb in order to make the event happen. Each side was very enthusiastic that such a type of cooperation should continue and further expand for the benefits of our students on both sides.