IUG Team Progresses To Hult Prize Final Phase

01 - Jul - 2020


After they have ranked First regionally in the Hult Prize Global Contest, IUG Engineers are progressing to the final phase of the contest among 30 teams out of 300 thousand competing from all over the globe.

The Greepers, the Islamic University team which consists of Eng. Mohamed Shaqleh, Ziad Moussa, Khaled Ismail and Amr Al-Helis, topped six Egyptian teams regionally on their eco-project which focuses on reducing the use of plastic in Babys' Diapers. This newly suggested idea meets the Hult Prize Mission for this year which is to find sustainable solutions for environmental troubles.

Environmentally, traditional baby's diapers are the third largest waste problem in the world since it stayed undissolved in the deep soil bringing harm to plants and infrastructure. At the level of health, traditional baby's diapers cause skin irritations to babies. These fallouts were the main kernel of the Greepers' project.

The notion of the brand-new baby's diapers is to replace the undissolved plastic part of it to be a biodegradable in the soil. Therefore, the Greepers fished out some solutions and they found Bamboo tree is suitable since it is easily dissolved in a very short term. The cost of this production as well is lower than the traditional diapers that consist of solid plastic. The overall product will be distinguished of being comfortable and safe for baby's' skin, and it is considered co-products which can promote sustainable development in the environment. Furthermore, it prevents fluid leakage, and easy-to-use product.

In respect to their future plane, Ziad Moussa confirmed that this experience has bearded fruits to his career as he has mastered the techniques of marketing and social communication. He added, "we will be channels that carry the skills and experience to those who are planning to enter such worth spreading experience".

Mohammed Shaqaleh said, "Personally, as a participant in this experience, a lot of skills changed my character. These varied to include: networking, soft skills, management, negotiating, presenting skills, public speaking, and creativity in finding solutions".  

Khaled Ismail noted that throughout this project the team will be resolved an environmental issue, tried to find job opportunities for graduates, upraised the local economy, and finally promoted children's health care.

It is worht mentioning that on 19th of March 2020, the International Hult Prize Foundation announced that the Islamic University team topped 1500 world-organizing teams in the Hult prize competition this year. Ranan Jouda, Hult Prize Coordinator in Islamic University-Gaza, has been selected by the foundation as THE HULT PRIZE 2019/2020 BEST IN-CLASS CAMPUS DIRECTOR.