Initiative To Disseminate Technical Culture in Coronavirus Time

11 - May - 2020


As closed campuses force many universities to move their educational offerings online, the Faculty of Education at Islamic University of Gaza did launch, since the beginning of March 2020, an Initiative to disseminate the technical culture among teachers especially in the time of Coronavirus.  

Prof. Magdi Aqel, who is a professor of Digital Technology Applications for PhD students, has launched this initiative to reach up the productivity of learning at its utmost, especially in the COVID19 crisis. In addition, it aims at improving the technical skills of teachers through getting them involved into new cutting-edge experiences, preparing them to contact with a wider-scale of educational scheme via electronic spaces such as ZOOM.

This initiative was being disseminated, along two months ago, through PhD students of the Digital Technology Applications Course, giving training on how to employ and utilize some programs and applications in the educational process. These programs involving ZOOM Meeting, Google Drive, Google Sites, Google Form, Google Doc, Google PPT, Crocodile Physics, Audacity, VSDC, and Toontastic were being trained on by approximately 26 PhD trainers in 169 sessions.

As these PhD students were the moto of this initiative giving training to hundreds of teachers via Zoom, the initiative took a broader space including not only teachers from the Gaza Strip, but also different institutions in the West Bank as well as the Arab World. In addition to that, thousands of students, preachers, PhD students in local universities were also benefiting from the Initiative.

A PhD student Asmaa Bader told that she originally prepared a training material to let the schools' teacher know how to use the ZOOM platform and help their students train on it. The training material has now reached Egypt as it aided PhD students in psychology department who are now fulfilling their thesis.  

Related to Asmaa Abu Musa, PhD student and participant in the initiative, she said that, "what has distinguished us is that we has managed to sustain the crisis and carry out our work excellently very early. I trained a number of teachers from the institute of training in Ramallah in addition to the Educators Forum in Jerusalem on how to produce a digital effective content".   

Prof. Magdi Aqel said, "Today we are reaping the fruits of two-month initiative held by IUG Faculty of Education to feed the community with must-to-know information and training about how to employ technology in learning, precisely, in the time of COVID19". This Initiative for PhD students has enabled hundreds of teachers to reopen their classes virtually after the inclusive closure, he added.

It is worth noting that the technical culture is one of the powerful cornerstones that learning, basically, depends on; that's because it has a supreme role in boosting the skills of teachers in parallel with students' acquiring of self-learning and creative skills in the educational system.