New Study Investigating Community Awareness About COVID19

03 - May - 2020

Two IUG Academics conducted A new study to measure the community awareness with respect to COVID19 pandemic.

 Dr. Amjad Almufti, the Head of Social Work Department at Islamic University-Gaza, along with Dr. Ahmed AL-Rantisi, Assistant professor at the department, have recently conducted a brand-new study entitled of " Measuring Social Behavior of Gazans against COVID19".

The need for this study emerged, particularly, after catching a number of corona patients at the Gaza borders coming back from the outside. Then, the emergency state knocked the entire Gaza. The fear sneaked into the hearts. Health organizations recommended to cling to the precautionary measures in each sector of life, more importantly raising the mantra of #StayHome. The study, thus, have been launched to evaluate the people's cognition and consideration of the hazardous crisis. 

Dr. Al-Mufti said: " Our battle with Corona disease is a battle of awareness". "Measuring the awareness of people is the heart of our work", Dr. Al-Rantisi added.

The cornerstone of the study was laid on several data bases, in which the two researches traced after people's traditional way of dealing with diseases over years. This thing, as the researchers reported, shaped the frame of the study.

In the kernel of the study, they measured four factors: the societal awareness with respect to the nature of the disease, as well as, the general health awareness that organizations took. In addition, they studied the consumptive awareness of people which includes the amount and types of purchases, taking into consideration if the sterilization and cleaning materials are among of them or not. Furthermore, they tried, through the results of the study, to identify the taste of buyers if they really buy necessary things in the time of crisis or not. The last scale is related to the media awareness, in which they examined the responses of people to the media campaigns that concerned with COVID19 awareness.

 Dr. Al-Mufti declared that these measures, if taken into any country's account, will help recede the outbreak since the battle is originally, as mentioned, a battle of awareness.

So far, the sample of the study has approximately reached 1000 individual from the Gaza Strip. The overall result of the study is positive. A large-scale of population including the youths, educated people, children, elders or patients have really a massive awareness about the diseases. They, as a result, adopted the precautionary measures represented by staying at homes, sterilizing the surfaces, wearing the masks and taking into account the social distancing. 

The questionnaire was disseminated through some official institutions such as Islamic University of Gaza through its faculties' Facebook, the Palestinian Union of Social workers & Psychologists, and the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, in addition to the crisis program in the Ministry of Culture.

"We are looking forward to publish this study on the World Health Organization. Our effort will be concentrated from now on in developing the study and enlarging the data's teamwork", the two researchers concluded.