Funded by SDC through BTI

A Response To COVID19: New Ventilator Made At IUG

27 - Apr - 2020


Using technology against COVID19, the Mechanical Engineering Faculty in the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) made a brand-new mechanical ventilator that simulates the international specifications.

Prof. Juma Alaydi, who is an Associate Professor at Engineering Faculty, designed this devise to serve patients with respiratory disorders in the Intensive Care Departments at hospitals. This devise is reckoned the first of its kind in the Gaza Strip if not in the entire Palestine. It was accurately made under the supervision of medical specialists and doctors form the Ministry of Health in Gaza, who were feeding with medical information. Also, the device is now being supported by the IUG Business and Technology Incubator through 10X project, which is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), under the supervision of UNDP.

Dr. Hassan Al-Shaer, Head of Anesthesia Department of Major Operations at AL-Shifa Hospital, which is the main and one of the big health hospitals in Gaza, said: "we are completely proud of seeing this devise finally works efficiently and gives results same to those eye-watering ventilators in big countries. The devise is provided with crucial means and techniques that serve the treatment of corona patients in intensive Care and Operations' departments".


The proposed devise primarily uses three parts. The first component is the Control Panel and a computer for processing the data taken from the sensors in the air pumping lines. The second part is the volume control system, in which the doctor can control the amount of air pushed into the patient's lungs taking into account the number and times of pumping. The third and last component is the monitor or the screen or other portable display, which the doctor utilizes to enter each patient's respiratory process data such as the number of breaths per minute, the rate of inspiration and respiration, as well as the maximum pressure which can be pumped into the lunges.

Prof. Al-Aydi confirmed that this device is a fruitful outcome of several trials and experiments. He, also, thanked the BTI for incubating and funding it. "This would not have been succeeded without the efforts and consultation of the Doctor Jihad AlJadi, the Head of Intensive Care Department at Al-Shifa Hospital; along with Dr. Hassan Al-Shaer, Head of Anesthesia Department, and IUG member to communicate with the ministry of Health", he added.

It is worthy to say that the first prototype of ventilators done at Islamic University was by Eng. Esam Khalafallah and Ismail Abu Skheila from the Engineering Office about one month ago.