Two IUG Engineers Simulate A Ventilator

01 - Apr - 2020


Following the lock-down of the Gaza Strip due to the coronavirus emergency conditions, and because of the closure of borders that resulted in the scarcity of medical stuffs, it has become a must standing on the shoulders to search for medical alternatives that would compensate this severe shortage in case of coronavirus deteriorated.

This responsibility has been taken up by two IUG Engineers Esam Khalafallah and Ismail Abu Skheila from the Engineering Office. They have simulated a ventilator to supplement the medical sector with easy-to-use device utilized to pump the air in the lunges of patients so that they live longer.

So far, Gaza has detected 10 virus patients. In case the situation took a turn for the worse or duplicated ten times, the number of ventilators that would provide assistance is less than a hundred. This device is really at the stake.  

The device's idea grew up since the discovery of new coronavirus cases in the Gaza strip. The two engineers have thought about and implemented the device after investigating several ideas and studying a bunch of researches and ultimately came up with this device as a production that suits the general case of Gaza.

The device is featured of simplicity yet usefulness. It is very simple that its tools are pretty much available in the market att a cheap price. It is very effective that it works on AC and DC systems. Moreover, it is easy for maintenance in urgent cases.  it contains the following tools: Motion Unit, Speed-of-motion regulator, Sensors, Air filter, and Some fuses.

Eng. Abu Skhaila, Head of Engineering Office, said: "We took five days to make this device works well. The five days were a preliminary stage for the coming developmental stages".

Prof. Ahmed Muhaisen, Vice-President for Administrative Affairs, paid much appreciation to this brand-new device, commending the smart mentalities that IUG has contained, saying that:" We cherish the outstanding effort of our engineers. The university has decided to form a special committee to incubate and track the device's developments with a view to serve the community and harness efforts to sustain the situation in Gaza".

Eng. Khlafallah, Head of General Maintenance, reported: "the shape of the device was planned to serve its employment. The device was designed to sustain the pressure and linger for more period of time".

The vision from now along, as both engineers declared, is to design a central pumping device that distributes pumping equally for larger numbers of patients.