Dr. Andria Guides Students To Develop Their English Skills

03 - Mar - 2020

On the 2nd of February 2020, the IUG English Department hosted Dr. Andria Arafat, American Lady who converted to Islam dozens of years ago, in three lectures dedicated to transforming Dr. Andria's fruitful experience to the first-year English language students. This activity matches up with the English department's plan to train students and engage them in English conversations with English native speakers.

 Prof. Nazmi Al Masri, Associate Professor at IUG English Department and the hosting of Dr. Andraya in his lectures, reported that these lectures are an opportunity to foster the students' English language skills as well as the soft skills of self-confidence and communication with people

These lectures were varied to include Dr. Andrya's Journey with Islam since her marriage with a Gazan Man. She portrayed the image of a Muslim woman who took upon herself to reach out the message she believed in "Islam", So she highlighted her challenge in raising up her children on the principles that she has abided with. And she succeeded as her older son has become a preacher.

On the other hand, and throughout her speech, she traced after the cultural differences between the American and Gazan life such as the traditions and lifestyle. However, she said: "I found Gazan people not less friendly than my American society, actually I found my American home very vivid in the Gazan's hearts; precisely, in my husband family's heart".


One of the third lectures was devoted to informing the students about the helpful strategies for improving their English language skills. The first and firmest advice was to keep reading every day not less than 20 minutes from magazines, websites, newspapers, and books. "The more reading, the more professional writer and speaker a person will be," she told. She, also, mentioned some dictionaries and useful websites that would facilitate the process of learning English language.

The atmosphere of the lectures was funny and didactic at the same time. Students participated in the lectures with verve. They asked plenty of questions about cultures, languages, and religions. Some of the students said, " It was a very positive, inspiring discussion with Dr. Andrya. I learned a lot. I feel very active. I get developed". Another student wrote: " I am so happy to have such an awesome class with Prof. Nazmi and Dr. Andrya.

" I am very happy to spend a wonderful time with the great students ever. Hope you all a successful life," this was the last sentence Dr. Andrya said.