Funded By the World Bank

BTI Launches Login Project To Support Online Work

01 - Mar - 2020


On Thursday 27th of February 2020, the IUG Business and Technology Incubator has launched the Login Project "Promoting Online Self-Employment Opportunities for Gaza Strip Graduates". The incubator implements this project within the activities of the Gaza Emergency Cash for Work and Self-Employment Support Project that is funded by the World Bank and with the management of the NGO Development Center.

The project aims to train young men and women in the skills needed for online self-employment as to promote the culture of online work in Gaza. The training will develop the experience and competence of 360 graduates who were selected according to specific criteria set by the NGO Development Center. The graduates will receive training through well-versed trainers in various majors including 9 fields. Of these fields, 5 are for Information Technology and 4 are for graduates from other majors: Translation, Electronic Marketing, Voice over and Graphic Design.

BTI Director Eng. Basel Qandeel told that the beneficiaries will also receive an integrated training package in technical and soft skills and skills of using Arab and international Self-Employment platforms as well.

The Dean of Community Services and Continuing Education Dr. Alaa Jmasi said that: "This project comes within the framework of the continuous efforts of the Business and Technology Incubator to support Self-Employment and provide opportunities for young people".

It's worth noting that this project is the fourth of its kind implemented by the incubator since the launch of the Freelancing program in the middle of 2018. The incubator through these projects provides training, supervision, and guidance by hosting the trainees and providing the appropriate environment that ensures the desired positive results and achieving the project goals.