Prof. Tayeh Won Palestinian Islamic Bank Prize for Research

01 - Mar - 2020


The Palestinian Islamic Bank Declares Prof. Sufyan Tayeh, Assistant Vice-IUG President for Academic Affairs and the Professor of theoretical Physics at the IUG Faculty of Science, the winner of the Palestinian Islamic Bank Prize for scientific research in 2019 course.

The prize is entitled, “The Excellence Award in Scientific Publication at the Palestine level”. Prof. Tayeh's winning was in honor of his research "the types of Plasmon that are carried by a wave guider contains a film layer of left material with negative permeability and surrounded by two thin graphene conductive layers".

Professor Tayeh has developed a compound containing a left material with a negative refractive index surrounded by two layers of graphene to develop optical sensors that could detect water and air pollutants and to quickly detect the presence of bacteria as well as cancer cells in a specific sample.

This research is critical, for it accelerates the detection of the presence of bacteria and determining the type of appropriate antibiotic. On the other hand, the traditional methods need to create a farm for these sample, and it takes about 48 hours, which can delay giving the appropriate antibiotic, while Optical sensors can detect the presence of bacteria in few minutes.

The graphene is a single atomic layer of graphite in which the atoms are highly bonded and organized in a hexagonal network. The graphene is considered the least thick and the most solid, and has many applications including: effective sensors, paints, corrosion-resistant paint, solar panels, flexible screens, super capacitors and batteries, as well as from recently manufactured materials. Left materials that are not present in nature and has a negative refractive index, which also can be used efficiently in antennas and sensors.

Prof. Bassam El-Saqqa, Dean of Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies at the Islamic University, congratulated Prof. Sufyan Tayeh on the wining, saying that: "the award represents a qualitative addition to the university awards". He, also, reviewed the most important awards that Prof. Tayeh received, including: Abdul Hamid Shoman Award for Young Arab Scholars in 2013, and IUG Prize for Research in 2012, in addition to winning many local, regional and international research projects, and his permanent presence in the list of the university top researchers in magazines and global databases.