Idea Dream Success Event at IUG

26 - Feb - 2020


The 23rd of February 2020 had witnessed the launch of an insightful and inspirational event talk at Islamic University-Gaza- that brought the spirit of challenge, endurance, patience, hard work and success to all people in Gaza through remarkable persons whose experiences are worth spreading.

"IDSmaglees" event took place at the IUG Conference Hall, in which IUG presidency and Board of Trustees in addition to thousands of students were attending the event with verve. The energetic event was brilliantly organized and managed by IUG Students' Unit (Maglees", and under the auspices of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY).

The nine speakers of the events are all from Gaza; however, they are loaded with a heavy world experience. They are Said Namrouti, Ashraf Hijazi, Mahmoud Zaiter, Ahmed Shamia, Hamed Al-Khodari, Ali Qatrawi, Hamed Abu Saada, Mohammed Al-Baba, Ahmed Al-Faleet. This article is focusing on all speakers' experience.

 240 Trial On Inapplicable Research

From Gaza to China, he got a scholarship to study medicine there. The first block stood in his face was the absolute difficulty of learning the Chinese letters. However, he had learnt the Chinese language in only one year, preceding all his different- country mates. Five years passed till he took his degree with excellence in medicine. He, in honor of his distinguish, got MA scholarship from the Chinese Higher Education. His MA research was about transplanting the retinal cell and observing its type with the use of a drug extracted from the Chinese snake. To make the title come through, he exerted 240 trial on it and he failed. His teacher refused to change the topic, However. One month prior to handing off the research, he did it successfully and graduated with distinction once again. So as he was obsessed of doing more, he proposed to the general examination of ophthalmology. Although he got 81%, but he was the first. He was nominated, therefore, to a Ph.D. scholarship in China and got it. Coming back to Gaza, Prof. Hamed Al-Khodari is now a Vice-Dean of IUG Health Sciences Faculty.

Recognized One of Top 10 Photographers In the World.

In 2015, Mr. Mohammed Al-Baba, a Gazan Photojournalist, was being named as one of The Guardian's top 10 photographers in regard of his work documenting the daily lives of citizens following Israel's 2014 war. He has, also, received 14 international awards over the last 15 years. In 2018, he was shot in leg while covering the Great Return March. Afterwards, he had travelled to France for treatment, yet his presence was less an injured than a journalist. In an exhibition held at that time by Doctors Without Borders in France, he was asked to make a graphic journalism for real-life events in Gaza. He did and succeeded. Seizing the opportunity there, he participated in a number of conferences and held meetings all of which shed the lights on the amount of aggressions that Gazan civilians have been exposing to. On IUG theater, and continuing his journey, he recommended the audience to master more than one language, and to acquire more than one skill because without these a person cannot reach out his message.

Making Sarcasm of Bullying

Alittle boy was exposed to sever harsh Bullying as he was too fat. The thing that scratched his deep inner self. He grew up with the stigma of obesity chasing after him. Then he was obliged to study nursing, the major that he was never interested in. However, he was the first in his class, yet he was out of happiness. He found himself thrive in TV programs. At the beginning, he recorded some episodes, yet the episode of bullying from people increased. Mahmoud Zaiter is now a sarcastic artist who makes irony on the serious crisis that Gazans have been facing since year, in addition to the comic episodes. His name has entered every home, and his reputation has proceeded him wherever he goes.

Nafha: A Prison and A Dream

The story of Nafha is the oldest in IDS. Mr. Ahmad Al-Faleet is a free prisoner who lasted in Israeli jails more than 18 years. If the prison ate up his age, he would never have left them without benefit. Although, he went on a long hunger strike, he made up his mind to master the Hebrew language. Fortunately, he did it in only 20 days despite the mistreatment of the prisoners. "then I was destined to join the International Relations Major in the Hebrew University; encountering the challenges and obstacles with high will and perseverance". While he was in prison, he majored in community service, and after he got freedom from the prison, he had studied many diplomas in different fields such as the Israeli studies. The most remarkable and insightful accomplishment was directing the Nafha Center in Gaza for Israeli Studies, and "I received a legal juror's degree in Hebrew language from the Ministry of Justice. Since then Nafha Center has become my Dream that I have to water and grow it".

First Trainer of Protocol and Etiquette

From Engineering, to Public relations, Prof. Said Namrouti thrived in a long fruitful journey. He graduated from Civil Engineer, and worked at IUG immediately. He was a dreamer of getting higher certificates in hand; however, a lot of hindrances blocked his life from fulfilling higher studies. After years of trials, he held his master degree in Business management from Scotland after he had been fluent in Hebrew language. In 1999, he went to Egypt to indulge in training programs in Protocol, Diplomacy and public exhibitions' organization. Then "I'm proud that I led the graduation ceremonies at Islamic University for 17 years. More than 77000 Alumni was trained by me". In addition, "I was labeled the first trainer of protocol and etiquette in Gaza". In a course of time, he had his Ph.D. in strategic management from a South African University. "I love the work with audience, for it fits my character as a Head of Public Relations. That's why I have self- developed my skills all these years," Prof. Namrouti concluded.

 The Surgery of Art

The Art is my mother language that saves me when all expressions fail to deliver my feelings. Actually, the art grew up with me by the pass of time. Even in the midst of miserable pressure of exams, the art was my light that took me to easiness. I graduated in 2019 from IUG School of Medicine, surgery major. The Art is as much accurate as surgery; this is what makes me successful at both. Making benefit from surgery and art meanwhile, I drew a number of portraits and participated in several exhibitions as well. Afterwards, I started to think of a brand new digital art. I loved it, for it saved my time, effort and tools. "An Artist can't fail; this is a success to be one," this was the final sentence of Dr. Ali Qatrawi's speech.  

Love what you Learn

Away from his passion, he chose the major of accounting to study at IUG, dreaming of a good job given by one of his relatives' promise at Gulf Countries. However, after graduation he was a lecturer in this field and a fingerprint he left in accounting was utterly vivid, but he was drawn to dissatisfactory since this is not his old passion. Yes, he succeeded; Alas, he was not satisfied. Chasing after his passion and self-educating himself via internet, Ashraf Higazi works a manager then a project coordinator and a business developer at IUG Business and technology incubator. And he has been more satisfied than before.  For audience, he told, "Try to benefit from all open sources knowledge at the internet to be a person you want. To be or not to be that's the question of your life".

   20% Work Achieves 80% Goals

Mr. Hamed Abu Saada set up his company" Sqaure" based on the philosophy he has adopted: 20% effort brings 80% achievements. And it actually saves him from problems and let him surpass all kinds of dilemmas. His philosophy was first inspired by the Richard Coach who elaborated and applied this principle on our success. He, added, that we at homes actually apply this principle on our daily routines. For instance, we use 20% area of the home to practice 80% of our activities and so on. Therefore, he recommended the audience to adopt this philosophy, specially students before exams. He guaranteed that if students spent 20% of their times before exams, they will at least get 80% at exams.

To Be Or Not To Be

To be or not to be, that is what Eng. Ahmed Shamia said during the ordeal he went through; he eagerly wanted to achieve his dreams to travel abroad as a well-known artist and study there. He wanted to engrave his name in the label of most successful persons. He tried his best at the very beginning to participate in an art contest in France, but, unfortunately, he was deprived many and many times. As a kind of perseverance, he decided to change his plan for the same purpose, He joined the architectural Engineering and got the top of students and worked a lecturer at IUG. By the pass of time, had managed to design the Skyscraper of AbuDabi with a group of colleagues there while I still in Gaza. He, in addition, combined between the art and the engineering. And by this, his dreams became true outside.

A Voice From Al-Jazeera

A Shiny name among voiceovers in the Arab World goes for the Voiceover and presenter of programs at IUG Quran Broadcasting Mr. Abdullah Olwan. His story began 10 years ago as he got the talent of tender voice. He dreamt of being an Islamic singer. However, he, gradually, found himself blossomed in making voiceover. He mastered this work, and as a result, he participated in a number of contests and ranked first. The success has become bigger and bigger while exerting more efforts in training and working. A trainer he has become for remarkable presenters nowadays. Due to this thrive, and thus, his voice has appeared in a number of documentary films and advertisements in a bunch of local and national institutions such as Al-Jazeera.