Information Workshop On ICM

18 - Feb - 2020


IUG External Relation Office organized an information workshop about the opportunities of International Credit Mobility programme offered by Erasmus, meeting with the former ICM students and the new participants this morning at IUG Tiba Building.

Prof. Hisham Madi, Vice-Dean of External Relations, clarifed the chief goals of the Erasmus Credit Mobility programme at the level of the university and students.A t the level of the university, it raises up the good reputation of the university in the world rankings. Whearse, the goals, at the level of students, are ranging from self-enabling of students to furthering the chances of work and employment. Improving the self-character includes building the self-confidence and fostering the soft skills such as communication and leadership skills additionally to the language acquisition as well. In terms of work, there is a number of mobility students whose work have kicked off from the bond of networking with the outside institutions and companies through Erasmus mobilty. For instance, the deaf Saadi Abu Amra has fulfilled his master degree at IUG and has been available for him a work opportunity in a Eorpean country.

Prof. Madi, in addition, made the information clear about the terms of application for the mobility progrmme and the allowed numbers of students each semester as well as the available disciplines to be studied in the receiving university. How to apply for the programme was the kernel of the meeting. Selected students after then must provide the required papers, motivation letter, scores' papers, and the curriculum vita to the IUG External Relation Office. Furthermore, a group of terms for applying for the ICM programme includes: 1) the student must be from Islamic University, 2) the student must be ended the second academic year and his average is 85% and above, 3) English language proficiency, 4) passing an English interview.

Remarkable Experience

The workshop was ended by delivering a fruitful mobility experience by two of IUG business-department students whose 4-months travel was to the University of Almería in Spain. Maram talked about the academic part, more precisely, about the course of Strategic Marketing that she took first. She said that the receiving university has attached a great importance to the applicable knowledge; they study one topic and apply it directly as the theoretical part occupies only 40% of the curriculum. As reported, she had been involved in a virtual market, where a number of products and purchases took part, a group of discussions, afterwards, were conducted on this regard. Furthermore, Maram was more satisfied with the debate's lecture after every theoretical session. The debate was able to alter the persons' perspectives about different things. It, also, portrayed a good image of cooperation between people; no matter what their cultures are or what they believe in, what really matters was the notion of keeping the respect alive with all individuals, considering them as active elements of the community.

On the other hand, Mohammed concentrated in his speech about the living challenges that stood in front of them since they tried the first experience of travelling. "Travelling is a management of all person's matters," he said. The experience of credit mobility taught him how to manage his life, times, friend bonds and money.