Inauguration of A Computer Lab

17 - Feb - 2020

On 17th of February 2020, IUG Architectural Engineering Department has inaugurated a scientific lab containing (30) highly-efficient working computers that are equipped and funded through CBEEB Project.

This lab is part of CBEEB Project for building capacities in the field of energy-efficient building, in collaboration with the Faculty of Architectural Sciences of the Technical University of Vienna, Austria; and with generous fund from the Austrian Partnership programme in higher education and scientific research for development, and the Austrian Development Cooperation Foundation (ADC).

Prof. Ahmed Muhaisen, Director of CBEEB, alongside with the Deanship of Engineering Faculty, and External Relations in addition to the Engineering office and technicians as well have opened the lab which located in the bedroom of Administration Building.

Prof. Muhaisen reported that: " this lab is devoted to serve students of "energy-efficient buildings" course, in particular, as it helps them mimic energy-efficient buildings through the designing programs; that would enable them employ the theoretical knowledge in their engineering life".  

by opening this lab, the total number of labs that have been inaugurated through CBEEB project reached three. Two of them are in favor of teaching students how to design energy-efficient buildings using special programs, while the other is a real energy-efficient room that has been supplied with isolating materials.

The Dean of Engineering Faculty Prof. Khaleel Al-Astal said that the laboratory contributes significantly to grow up the level of the educational process as it feeds up the curriculum with the practical experience.

Meeting with the Technician Supervisor of IUG labs, Fayez Hilles, he confirmed that this lab contains up-to-date computers, 8th generation, that have 23 inch screens. The labs are, also, dedicated for architectural engineering students as they are downloaded on them special designing programs such as 3d max and AutoCAD. The Life span of computers is 4-5 years with efficiency and high quality, he added.