STEM Week to Enable School Students

04 - Feb - 2020

This week 1-5 Feb, 2020, the three IUG Faculties: Education, Science and Information Technology are teaming up to launch the STEM educational week that targets 13 UNRWA schools in Gaza, students in 5th and 6th grade, to introduce for them brand-new topics in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

The first day was prepared to let students conduct scientific experiments, furthermore, think creatively to solve problems of programming. While, the second day was planned to introduce Edison Robot as well as do programming for EdBlocks Robot. Another thing the students were introduced to are the Barcode apps, programming of directions and experimentation. Generally, the second day was entitled, "Everything surrounds us works by Chemistry", in which they got to know about the effect of the medium on light, pressure difference, high voltage.

In the third day, students sank deeply in the chemistry labs as they themselves conduct experiments of the green fire, water and starch, magical ink, burning the hand, carbon snake and Lava. In the fourth day, teacher defined the programming, highlighting its importance, in addition to introduce the VR and AR technique. Moreover, students were trained to make professional photography and known the vital role of language, so they were encouraged to convey speaking and prepare reports.  

in the closing ceremony of the programme, the whole parts of the training and the activities that the students were doing will be presented and honored.

 Prof. Magdi aqel, Head of Curriculum and Teaching Methods, asserted that this programme is the first of its kind in Palestine; the idea has been flashed one year ago, and resulted in launching the STEM Unit to rehabilitate teachers and train school students. 

Mr. Khaled Attar, STEM coordinator in Education faculty, told that the level of the students is phenomenal; they are genius enough to interact with the topics of science, and they became desired to think creatively and link everything with the reality.

One of the participating student Ahmed Hemmo, fifth grad, said that this programme enabled me to know more about the scientific topics, we conducted several experiments. Another student expressed that he became more enthusiastic about science and excited to make his own robot.