Training Lectures On Translation For Junior Students

26 - Jan - 2020

On the 21st and 22nd of January 2020, the English Department at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) conducted a 2-day translation training for first-year students of the English Department minoring in Translation. Over 120 students, divided into 4 groups, attended 4 intensive sessions on different fields of translation given by professors and graduates of the English Department at the Islamic university.

On the first day, Dr. Mosheer Amer, the head of the English Department, gave a lecture on political and journalistic translation. He dwelled upon the most important tips for translating political articles and provided practical examples and exercises on translating news stories and news headlines. He also suggested some solutions and alternatives for mistakes in literal translation.
According to Dr. Mosheer, “a good translator is always up to date with the current developments and always keeps track of the modern tools of translation.” 
Then Dr. Mahmud Al-Tarabeen gave a detailed lecture on general translation; the session involved students doing some activities and answering questions for practice. Dr. Altarabin provided the students with a number of online dictionaries that would help them strengthen their English Language and translation.
On the second day, Dr. Refaat Alareer gave a very entertaining session on literary translation. Many methods for translating literary texts were displayed, and students were taught how to find hidden meanings in texts. Dr. Alareer provided many examples and encouraged the students’ creativity in class. 

Dr. Alareer told the students that, “with its ‘Education for Employment’ motto, the English Department at IUG aims to equip its students with the necessary knowledge and skills to empower them and enable them to compete in the local and global labour market.” 

Afterwards, both Ms. Noor Hammad and Mr. Abdalrahim Abuwarda gave lectures on translation and freelance platforms. They both explained the freelance world to the students and clarified the demands of the labour market. With that, they also introduced many freelancing platforms and encouraged the students to start their online work from an early age. All instructors concluded with some significant tips and recommendations for the students to follow. 

Throughout the two days of training, the students showed incredible performance. Their participation was excellent, and they raised many questions for discussion. Alia Kassab, a freshman minoring Translation, attended the intensive training and commented, “I enjoyed the sessions a lot! English has been my passion for a long time, but I had to find that guaranteed place to learn the language in a perfect way; I literally felt that it is the right place. The training we had renovated my burnt-out passion. It started from General Translation and ended up with Freelancing so it was a general base for us. For me, time just flew by because everything we learned was interesting enough for us, and this ensured me that literary translation is the most interesting, enjoying and complicated thing in the language. I learned that translation isn't about transferring synonyms into the target language; it is about the meaning and that is the biggest and the most pleasurable challenge. Big Thanks to the English department professors for doing extracurricular activities and considering the benefits of building this base in us.”

Along with the preparation of the training, a number of senior students studying English Language and Literature at IUG participated in the overall organization of the training. Both Khalid Dader and Noha A-Afifi mentioned that the training was very successful in boosting the students’ energy level and motivation. They, Dader and Al-Afifi, benefited from the training as well. They learned new mentoring skills from their professors whom they appreciated on their splendid efforts in the training. Ultimately, the training promoted voluntary and teamwork spirits, and it had positive impacts on each and every participant.

Ahmed Al-Sheikh khalil, a senior at IUG studying English Language and Literature who contributed in organizing the training, also commented saying, “what makes our English Department led by Dr. Mosheer Amer and Dr Refaat Alareer so distinctive is that we, the students, are not limited to receiving knowledge and attending activities, but rather we contribute to spreading knowledge and creating these activities and managing them.”