Former MP& UK Government Minister Visits IUG

19 - Jan - 2020

IUG Presidency has welcomed the Former Member Parliament and Government Minister of UK Mr. Alistair Burt at the Presidency Office to discuss the social employment issue in Gaza.

Interviewing Mr. Burt at IUG Presidency Office, he reported that: " This is the first time coming to Islamic University, the reason for coming is to understand better and deeper the issue of social employment situation, and to have a closer look at the projects and programs offered to graduates".

Dr. Oliver McTernan, chairman of FORWARD THINKING, in addition to Mr. Jordan Morgan, Middle East Programme Manager, were accompanying Mr. Alistair to Gaza.

At the Presidency Office, the delegation has discussed the numbers of graduates, the challenges that has been facing them and the Gazan universities, in addition to the idea of migration.

 IUG President Prof. Farahat asserted that IUG is still committed to offer programs and youth-empowerment projects through its Continuing Education and Community Services Deanship such as Freelance Project, and programs on how to search for jobs. However, Prof. Ahmed, Muhaisen, Vice-Dean for Administrative Affairs, declared that the number of unemployed graduates in Gaza has reached half million persons due to the lack of internal and external support and the siege imposed on Gaza.

Dr. McTernan said that, throughout his frequent visits to Gaza, he has met with the young people, and they have very high-quality skills and knowledge and a sense of creativity. In addition, they have high skills in communicating with the outside world; Alas, the scarcity of jobs available to them has undermined their morale and increased their thought of migration. He suggested developing training programs that could contribute to mitigating the negative effects of unemployment on graduates. Dr. McTernan, also, pointed out to the means that young people in general should exploit to develop the economic situation in the Gaza Strip such as developing their writing, speaking different languages, and utilizing contemporary methods of literature in addressing the outside world.

Mr. Burt stated that: "we are all trying to develop possible solutions for the crisis by speaking to the young people, and listening to their reality, future and the challenges they face after graduation". Therefore, conveying the image to the decision makers. 


The delegation headed by Mr. Burt was first received by IUG President Prof. Nasser Farahat and IUG Members, then they took a look at the museum of Islamic University, in which Prof. Ahmed Muhaisen, Vice-President for Administrative Affairs, marked the history of Islamic University since establishment, starting from the age of tents to the age of construction. He, in addition, zoomed in the IUG experience in Erasmus+ credit mobility, describing it as "Fruitful and distinguished".