IUG 2019: A Year In Review

06 - Jan - 2020


Looking back over the past twelve months at Islamic University of Gaza, it is incredible to trace after the dozens of breakthroughs for each department and center at the university. Starting from the entertaining yet purposeful student activates in the campus, moving to the scientific conferences, to the international visits after then, and to the community-serving projects and ceremonies, IUG has leapt out at a high level of distinction this year in its fortieth anniversary.

IUG 2019 included (7) Conferences, (32) Mobility Opportunity, (28) Prizes and (20) Projects.

Since this time last year, the Cancer Unit's members were studying the effect of a series of compounds on two cancer cells. Prof. Saeb Oweni said that:" these compounds have a very important activity to inhibit cancer cells, melanoma in particular; while, Prof. Adel Awadalla asserted that this effort had been conducted in partnership with colleagues in UK.

The remarkably conducted scientific research has been propped up through several conferences inside and outside the university. This year has witnessed the organization of (7) conferences. The cutting-edge one, held by IUG School of Medicine, was the "8th International Conference on Palliative Care& Pain Management", which was honored by the participation of 12 international professors from Japan, Norway, USA, UK and Uganda; and under the auspices of WHO, UNRWA, QRC, PCRF.


The Faculty of Engineering had managed to coincide between two fruitful conferences: 2019 IEEE 7th Palestinian International Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Conference of Rehabilitation of Historical Sites Within Modern Requirements.

Not only that, IUG had participated in the organization of two conferences in Istanbul: "Islamic Finance: Prospects and Challenges" Conference and the "International Conference for Business& Economic Research Centers".

 The conference that was on the forefront of the year was "Conference of Rhetorical Miracle in Quran" which convened by the Faculty of Osoul Eddine.


During the year along, IUG had been comprehensively exposed to several visits from high-level and considerable delegations who were coming in from national and international institutions. The Japanese Ambassador Mr. Takeshi OKUBO, for instance, in honor to FREELANCE project achievements had met with IUG President, expressing his willingness to underpin Gazan youths' role through empowerment projects. Different managers of foundations have signed memorandum of understanding with a bunch of faculties' departments during their visits to IUG.


Related to mobility process, (20) academic and administrative staff, plus, (12) students have had their way to the European universities through Erasmus+ for the sake of fulfilling their studying and navigating for more experience and knowledge in different sectors. Meanwhile, IUG had received "Ricardo Corridine" from the Siena University in Italy, who entangled in the IUG School of Medicine's system under the supervision of Erasmus+ Program.

Not included in Erasmus+, a Turkish student, Rukiye Huseyn Demir, had been awarded a full scholarship from IUG to pursue her ever-dreaming-of path of holding Master degree from the IUG Faculty of Education, sailing her career ship to deal with the topic of "Self-Perception and Coping Strategies for Women in Man-Dominated Professions in Gaza".


Likewise, an IUG graduate, Dr. Mohammed Hasan Al-Ser from IUG computer engineering, got the best Doctoral Certificate of all Turkish Universities, which paved his way to be nominated a lecturer and researcher at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. IUG- Engineering team got the first and second ranks in the digital competition " Ja-Pal's DigiBiz. Three IUG groups won the first three places in contest for pioneering project. Surprisingly, IUG Graduate Maher Haboush took over the Bronze Medal in an international Bodybuilding competition.

By Haboush's Wining, (28) national and international awards were the share of Islamic University this year.    

 University Life

In the midst of the year, IUG Public Relations was driving the wheels of the graduation ceremonies' series "Innovation & Excellence Batch" that lasted fourteen days containing all faculties' students. The number of graduates in this year has reached (3826). Since IUG establishment, the number of all IUG graduates have hit the climax (77,000) Alumni.

In parallel with the graduation ceremonies, the university was receiving delegations to the big exhibition that was being embroidered on its walls the logo of " A Struggle March and A Success Story" that summarizes the story of IUG over forty years. Each wall and corner of the exhibition was brimming of information and pictures that revive the history of Islamic University from the age of tents to the fashionable buildings, from the approval construction's sheet to the nowadays achievements.

A special wing of the exhibition had been intentionally dedicated to demonstrate the students and alumni's projects. One of the students' graduation projects on developing a prototype for Air-Pressure vehicle was very vividly witnessed to the visitors. This project is reckoned the first of its kind at the level of the students and university.

In the last few months of the year, the graduation series had been culminated with a special ceremony for honoring people with disability who were trained in the programs implemented by IUG Irada Center. Approximately (200) person with disability did attend the ceremony in the presence of the Deputy Director for International Cooperation Swiss Agency Mr. Mathi Robite.


Two luxuriant projects have been decorated of compliments and achievements in the closing days of 2019 year. ROMOR & BERC Projects monitored high by the Director of the National Erasmus+ Office in Palestine Dr. Nedal Jayousi. ROMOR has succeeded in forming (10) repositories for scientific research in ten Palestinian universities, including IUGSPACE, and endeavored to disseminate the knowledge nationally. By the end of BERC project, the level of business and economic research centers has soured high and the curriculum in partner universities have been improved.

In this year, IUG has also been approved for other distinguished projects such as " Building an intercultural pedagogy for higher education in conditions of conflict and protracted crises: Language, identity, culture". As part of this project, IUG English Department did convene the Grand English Poetry Festival and Exhibition that was widely promoted due to the students' talents and creativity.

Another remarkable project was WORK ONLINE that managed and implemented by IUG Business and Technology Incubation BTI. The outcome of this project was utterly phenomenal as the financial income of trainers reached (160,000 $).

The overall projects that IUG has flourished in this year reached (20).

 Labs Environment

Genetic laboratories set in the medical clinic at the university, they were fully funded by Al-Khair Fund - Dar al-Fatwa Lebanon. As part of the projects, there were a number of labs had been inaugurated; the energy-efficient labs and others that specialized for renewable energy were top listed. A brand-new one had been equipped through BERC project having cutting-edge laptops to be specialized for scientific research. All kinds of laboratories are serving the educational process, students in particular.

Islamic University wishes its students a year full of achievements and hard work, happy 2020.