Memorandum of Understanding With Malaysian Gaza lover's institution

23 - Apr - 2019


The IUG Media and Dawa Department has newly signed a memorandum of understanding with the Malaysian Gaza lover's institution in purpose to prop up the project of"Comprehend Religion".

According to the statements of the agreement, Media and Dawa Dep. with a company of faculty of Sharia and low are on behalf the implementation of the project this year in Ramadan .The project, funded by Gaza lovers institution, will be presented by 60 IUG male and female students who are of special skills of exhortation, in which the faculty will select the participants in such based on exam and certain criteria for interview.

It has been agreed to distribute all participants into all Gaza districts, in which each student will be asked to deliver three topics a week in Ramadan month. However, the institution will determine the spiritual, educational, and religious issues and topics that may be introduced.