IUG Health Sciences Partakes In UK Conference for Parasitology

27 - Apr - 2019

The Dean of the Health Sciences Faculty and teacher of Parasitology at Islamic University Prof. Adnan Al-Hindi has taken part with approved scientific research in the international conference which organized by the British Society for Parasitology at the UK Manchester University on 15th -17th April 2019.

The conference has contained 133 researches and 104 posters from all around the UK, in which Al-Hindi's research was entitled, "Hand Washing as an Effective Method for Intestinal Parasites Control among School Children in Gaza City: Public Health Point of View".

The purpose of this research was to illuminate that hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of many types of infection and illness especially those spread through oral-fecal route. A total 508 children from primary school children were examined for the presence of intestinal parasites and then the infected children were divided into case and control groups based on match criteria. Hand washing and health education were applied on case group and then the second stool sample was examined from both case and control groups. The results found that 118 children (23.2 %) was infected with intestinal parasitic infection in the base line sample. Entamoeba histolytica/dispar was the highest protozoa detected among school children in this study (73.3%), the prevalence of intestinal parasites became 15.5% for case group after application of hand washing technique, abdominal pain was the highest symptom that children suffering from it.

The prevalence of intestinal parasites among children was reduced after the application of hand washing from 23.2% to 15.5%. The prevalence of intestinal parasites in male was higher than female due to variant behavior of both sexes.  In the present study there was a clear decrease and reduction in the prevalence of intestinal parasitic infection among school children, where it decreased from 23.2% to 15.5% after hand washing intervention. The decrease of the prevalence rate of intestinal parasite was found to be statistically significant. The present work showed higher rates of parasitic infection among males (61.0%) than females (39.0%), and this difference is statistically significant (P=0.004).

The research recommended applying hand washing in Gaza Strip schools and engage both health authorities and community in this task.