Conference of Rehabilitation of Historical Sites Within Modern Requirements

24 - Apr - 2019

 In another Engineering domain, the Architectural Engineering Dep. has held the Fourth International Conference For Architectural Heritage entitled, " Rehabilitation of Historical Sites and Buildings Within Modern Requirements " which organized by Iwan Center for Cultural Heritage & Architectural Engineering Dep.

 About 26 scientific papers have partaken in this platform with a numerous key objectives. Some of which focused on saving the cultural and architectural Palestinian heritage, others spotted the lights on improving the polices and plans which reinforce the modern needs of the heritage rehabilitation domain. Likewise, take into consideration the modern requirements with parallel to heritage rehabilitation process.

The objective of maximizing the economic growth by exchanging experiences and enhancing the local and international relationships as well was attached a great importance. The conference, in the first place, groups up both researchers and workers in one specialized space of rehabilitation of cultural and architectural heritage so that enhance ideas exchange among researchers.

The conference included five sessions which were enriched with many significant topics. The first sessions presented local and international experiences in preserving historical sites. In this particular session, participants studied the challenges and risks that have faced the historical sites here in Gaza. One of the local experiences was the restoration of the archaeological shrine Al-Khider in Deir Al-Balah City into a library for children. The second session manifested the management of architectural heritage conservation policies. This title included under which the role of Legislation of Architectural Conservation Strategy in Gaza. The third session obviously showed in detail the statistical documentation of the monuments, and the role of geographical books in documenting the architectural heritage in Islamic eras in Palestine.

The fourth session demonstrated the modern technologies and techniques in protecting the historical buildings and sites. This session detailed the Economic Development as an Approach for Revitalization of Gaza Old City. While, the fifth session exhibited the importance of the cultural and architectural heritage for marking the identity of societies, taking into consideration the residents' practices of the self- rehabilitation in the old City of Constantine in Algeria.