Ahmed Gendia Ranked Second In Innovation Challenge of Water Competition

20 - Apr - 2019

 Ahmed Gendia, IUG graduate from Environment and Earth Sciences Dep., wins the second place in the first innovation challenge of water competition held by the water authority, in which (301) participants from different Palestinian universities have been competing in.

Gendia has got MA in Environmental and Monitoring Management, in which he investigated the "Removal of Nitrate from drinking water by Eggshell Bio-Waste. The results of his research showed that the efficiency of using eggshell waste in the process of removal Nitrate reaches almost 95%, which can compensate the high price of removal- Nitrates techniques such as osmosis pressure and treatment via electrical methods. The Bacteria of eggshells is the key responsible for Nitrates removal from drinking water as it turns the Nitrate into gases which are easily ascend the atmosphere without chemical reaction.

The researchers used treated water from IUG laboratories and natural water from various areas in the Gaza Strip. In addition, the eggshell is washed well before being grinned and incubated in appropriate as well suitable conditions of acidity, nitrate concentration, molecules volume, and temperature. These circumstances help bacteria grow up within five days, as for the first time, due to the nutrients inside the membrane of the eggshell, and then start to shrink for two days later. The eggshell can be reused after the first and second time, showing results after 12 hours long, under the bacteria readiness to turn the Nitrate into Gases.

The Gaza Strip is facing the problem of high Nitrates in drinking water, which reaches 250 mg per liter in some areas of the Gaza Strip; however, it is defined (50) mg per liter by WHO. Nitrate has a great damage to newborns, causing infants cyanosis, and affecting public health, circulation, general human activity, and mental efficacy.

In a related context, Gendia with MA student from Al Azhar University Salah Al Sady, have partaken in using chia seeds for Nitrate removal from drinking water. They have found similar results; therefore, they have managed to create a Dynamic filter consisting of both chia seeds and eggshells. Both students are now working as one team called "Blue Filter".