Information Workshop On ENI Programme

17 - Apr - 2019

The IUG External Relations has held an information meeting on the "ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme 2014-2020", to shine lights on the importance of the programme and the mechanism of submitting proposals for.  ENI programme is reckoned the largest cross-border cooperation initiative implemented by the EU under the European Neighborhood Instrument.

The ENI programme catapults the Mediterranean countries into fair and sustainable economic, social and regional development that will push for cross-border integration of the participating countries. By way of illustration, the supreme objectives of the programme vary to include the Business development field starting from small to medium enterprises. It also targets the educational programs, research, development and technical and technological innovations and achievements in the Mediterranean areas. In addition, ENI Programme promotes social integration practices as well as seeks to combat poverty. Not only that, one of the aims of the programme is protecting the environment and the natural resources, as well as facilitate adaption to the climate changes and alleviating its negative effects.

Based on the former objectives, there are 11 priorities in which two at least the participants should select when submitting proposals. It's worth mentioning that the ENI programme is giving incentives for best performers through a bulk of funds which will be offered in a faster and more flexible manner. DEADLINE for submitting proposals will be on 3rd July 2019.


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