Antimicrobial Peptides: A Scientific Lecture

08 - Apr - 2019


At the Islamic University of Gaza, The Health Science Dep. has held a scientific lecture on the effectiveness of Antimicrobial Peptides and antibiotics over Antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The lecturer has focused on the significance of finding out new therapies for multi-resistant bacteria and bacterial bio-Membranes that causes acquired inflection. However, the concentration of this lecture has been given to the assessment of the effectiveness of WLBU2 Peptide on the Antibiotic resistance bacteria. 

Through several studies on this topic, it has been shown that the peptides have not only reduced the activity of bacteria but also has killed it.  In addition, It has not been approved that peptides have the ability to link with the plasmid of Bacterial nuclear acid since it is very active over the free cells and cell membrane of antibiotic resistance bacteria. By the end of the lecture, a number of recommendations have been delivered to encourage further studies on the testing of the effect of peptides on antibiotics resistance bacteria, as well as, investigating the toxic impact resulted from the linking between peptides and antibiotics.