Islamic Finance: Prospects and Challenges

13 - Apr - 2019


The IUG Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Sharia and Law, in partnership with the Jordanian Nabaa Foundation for Management and Organization of International Conferences and Exhibitions, has held a three-day scientific conference for Islamic Finance: Prospects and Challenges in Istanbul.

About 30 participants, from different countries, have participated with papers on various Islamic -finance topics, handling the challenges of Islamic finance as well its role in encouraging entrepreneurs, providing finance for economic sectors, and achieving the sustainability.

The sessions of the conference had discussed the nature of Islamic finance and its constraints, taking the Kingdom of Morocco an example. In addition, the participants shaded lights on the role of Islamic Finance in sparing societies the financial crisis. The focus then turned into Algeria. They deliberately discussed the role of economic programmes shown on Algerian television in promoting the Islamic banks' services and the criteria of working. Pointing out to the economic empowerment, entitlements Profitability, and the development's objectives, the participants stressed on the countries' role in the embodiment of Islamic finance and the improvement of Islamic finance formulas in banks.

The IUG Dean of Faculty of Commerce Prof. Mohammed Miqdad, in his word, noted out that the Islamic University is interested in conducting the Islamic finance research which aim at identifying the instruments and mechanisms of Islamic banking. IUG, through Islamic finance research, searches for finding out appropriate mechanisms for implementation of Islamic theories and then turn them into reality.