Workshop on Importance of Raising Awareness About Energy-Efficient Buildings

09 - Apr - 2019


     The faculty of Architectural Engineering led by Prof. Ahmed Muhaisen, the Dean of Engineering Faculty, has held a discussion workshop on the importance and methods of raising awareness of advantages energy-efficient buildings in Gaza strip.

This event targeted the media sector as a key player in raising people's orientations towards adopting renewable energy culture instead of fuel energy when designing their buildings. The workshop tried to activate Energy sustainability through media's promotion for the energy conservation philosophy, calling for accomplishing energy efficiency based on renewable resources as a substitute for fuel energy.

Not only that, but the workshop has also discussed the critical role of Energy- Efficient Buildings in alleviating the Gaza's conditions, which paralyzed of power shortage and lack of resources in the Gaza Strip. The participants clarified that the extent of people's knowledge about energy-efficient buildings in Gaza is limited due to several factors, one of which is the absence of media. Therefore, the participants recommended promoting the topic in different media platforms, holding workshops and international lectures; most importantly, integrating the Energy-Efficient-Buildings topic in the studying plan in schools and universities. Consequently, forming awareness teams in schools that could guide students in scientific and occupational sectors on how to design buildings based on energy efficiency.

This workshop falls under activities of Appear project entitled, "Capacity Building for Energy- Efficient Buildings Towards a Sustainable Built Environment in the Gaza Strip- Palestine, CBEEB".

 CBEEB has resulted in receiving approval for constructing a 60m energy-efficient prototype to be the first building in Gaza utilized for research, educational, and promoting purposes. In addition, the energy-efficient building course has been incorporated, for three years, into the IUG curricular programme, and currently, professors are working on developing a course for MA students.

CBEEB project, which has been implemented for four years in partnership with the Institute of Architectural Science- Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), aims at increasing the public awareness of the importance and methods of reducing energy consumption in buildings. Furthermore, establish a research cluster in the field of energy efficiency in twining with the Austrian Institutions.