British Delegation Trains Medical Students During Visit to IUG Medicine Faculty

04 - Apr - 2019

British Delegation Trains 4th year IUG Medical Students through workshops on professionalism during 3-Days Visit to the IUG Faculty of Medicine.

A well-versed consultant delegation compiled of, the consultant of learning and teaching Dr. Kathryn Newell Jones, Dr. Janet Gillett, and the ENT surgeon and Fellow in Surgical Education from Oxford University Dr. Anthony Jefferis; has visited the faculty of medicine on Wednesday 3rd April 2019, with a target to train 4th year IUG Medical students on the medical PROFESSIONALISM skills.

 Over three-days training, the delegation members have managed to hold four training workshops for the first two days, identifying the concept of medical professionalism and discussing the importance of good communication. The students were informed about the needed good practices that the doctors have to acquire when dealing with patients such as humanity, honesty, modesty, updating knowledge, good communication skills, and creativity. On the other hand, they were warned of bad practices such as selfishness, bad communication skills, being careless and sympathetic, breaking rules, and ignoring patients' progress and feeling. The good communication with patients as well as family can quicken the treatment process-and thus raising up the psychological statement of patients. Also, Doctors have to show good communication skills with colleagues, with policymakers, with managers and with the public at large.

The second day composed of two practical workshops that hit the strategies of working in teams: dealing with differences and cultural diversity. Moreover, putting these strategies into a reflective practice.

On the third day, the delegation will teach the faculty members on what professionalism is from the teaching perspective and how to teach professionalism courses and the assessment methodology of students' professionalism through work and training.

"The next visit will include training workshops on Clinical Audits", said Dr. Anthony Jefferis.

Dr. Janet Gillett cheerfully added, "The IUG students are knowledgeable and committed, and the teaching here is much compelling"

"The university is keen to reach openness to the whole world through receiving delegations and commissioning students outside", Dr. Anwar Shiekh Khalil, the Dean of Faculty of Medicine, added.