Renewable Energy Lab

23 - Mar - 2019


The Faculty of Engineering inaugurated Renewable Energy Lab which has been funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) through Appear Programme. The opening of this lab serves, in particular, IUG female students on how to practically harvest energy using solar panels.

The lab contains several purposeful modules that mimic renewable energy plants, each module stands for a certain system. For instance, students will be taught how to produce renewable energy from solar light. Another module is for the wind energy as the students are taught to control the numbers, shapes, and sizes of wind power fan blades to produce electrical energy, and then using this electricity in lightening or operating other modules. There is also a module for thermal energy that's used for heating houses, in the industry of materials and personal use. The last module mimics producing electrical energy from water. Ultimately, students would measure the effects of each device on producing the amount of energy, and thus decide how to multiply energy in different fields.

The students are supposed to do practical training in this lab on equal terms with the theoretical knowledge they are given in the renewable energy course. The renewable energy course has been taught this semester, for the first time in Gaza, based on the implementation of Appear Programme.

This course has been developed for the first time in Gaza on the basis Appear's funding and equipment in this lab.  based on the Appear project

" today we have opened this lab to serve students compete in the market to get what called green jobs", said Prof. Hala El Khozondar from the Electrical Engineering Department.