IT Scientific Day: Kocktail 2019

17 - Mar - 2019


The Faculty of Information Technology is holding a special day called kocktail 2019 for the fourth time respectively.  The notion of holding a scientific day every year is for the purpose of keeping IT students abreast with the latest developments in the world of technology; moreover, motivating them to embrace creativity through imagination. In addition, the supervisors of this day seek to make all Information Technology departments work within one vision and systematic planning.

This day has put the most recent technologies under the microscope. The participants evidently discussed the virtual reality of games and the important role that the games industry is playing in improving the educational process. In addition, they showed some of the most updated Apps of smartphones and web, clarifying the frameworks of building Apps of multiplatform.

The activities of this day have been culminated by presenting the distinguished outputs of multimedia students who have been working on their projects and finally have managed to develop them. The supervisors finally offered students a set of special skills on personal branding and marketing.

The title of this day " Kocktail" refers to the diversity of topics that the day has contained in the field of web development and smartphones.