South Africa Grants to Help Needy Students

13 - Mar - 2019

About one hundred and twenty of IUG students who have been unable to register the current semester are now vividly wearing the clothes of relief as they are being financially supported by the South African Country to fulfill their tuition fees.  

With a philanthropic contribution and a spirit of granting, the South African Country does back up the IUG students in need through providing grants for completing the tuitions of the current semester. In fact, this granting ceremony is a bridge for strengthening the IUG-south Africa twinning and evidence for solidarity with the Gazans who have been living harsh times for years.

On behalf of IUG personnel and students, the IUG head of Public Relations Pro. Said Al-Namrouti has wholeheartedly extended his thanks to the country of South Africa, the charitable institutions there, the Palestinian Embassy in Africa, and the Ambassador of South Africa in Palestine Mr. Ashraf Suliman who had facilitated the academic exchange for Prof. Said Al-Namrouti to travel to South Africa.

The benefited students had the chance to express their happiness and gratitude over benefiting from the grant, hoping that the South African Country will continually provide such benevolent aid.