Multiplicity of Palestinian Women's Roles: Burdens & Accomplishments

12 - Mar - 2019

 The IUG Women's Studies Center held a scientific day on the multiplicity of Palestinian women's roles: Burden & Accomplishment. The supreme objective is to back up the Palestinian women and shed lights on their real conditions of the Palestinian women, more importantly, the reflection of the psychological, educational, social, political as well the economic on their lives.

Moreover, the researchers highlighted the multiplicity of the women's roles in the Palestinian society and the tough challenges that women have faced in juggling between work and home. Therefore, they suggested some accommodation strategies that women could use in light of the multiplicity of roles that the Palestinian women are playing.  

The crucial day consisted of three sessions on achievements and challenges that faced women in the society. The first session initiated by discussing the role of NGOs in reinforcing the psychological steadfastness of Palestinian women. An analytical paper studied the women's roles and images in the Palestinian curriculum content, as well, the multiplicity of women's role in a matter of comparison with western women. This session was mainly raising the conflicting role of the Palestinian women under harsh conditions of siege and political division, taking into consideration the emotional stress of Palestinian working women and the ways of confrontation. One of the most important issues was reflected on the relation between role multiplicity and domestic problems according to Palestinian working women in the field of medical care in the Gaza strip.

The second session focused on the problem of Palestinian working women's roles and the suggested solutions for surpassing the challenges and tough conditions. the impact of administrational and environmental variables on the adaptation and fine-tuning of IUG working women's performance was deliberately clarified.

The third research paper shed lights on the domestic and social impacts of the Palestinian women's work and how the women's institutions play a critical role in supporting them. Researchers also handled the relationship between socio-psychological development for the children of working women in Gaza. On the other hand, other researchers focused on disabled working women and they tried to established social and psychological situations.

The (16) scientific papers recommended supporting the complementarity role of men and women domestic priorities. In addition to reinforcing the women's leadership role and status in the field of decision making. Furthermore, strengthening women's capacities and skills in the labour market. Finally, researchers called for the governmental and local institutions to take a step forward towards the women's mental health.