International Conference for Business& Economic Research Centers

04 - Mar - 2019

At Islamic University, the actions of International Conference for Business& Economic Research centers have been implemented by the IUG faculty of Commerce, under the supervision of the Minister of Palestinian Higher Education Dr. Sabri Saidam and in collaboration with eight national& international partners. 

 This conference is reckoned the first of its kind in Palestine which resulted as a fruitful outcome of BERC project that stands for developing business& economic research centers in Palestinian higher institutions; BERC is co-funded by Erasmus+ of European Union.

The conference was held based on two main objectives. Firstly, study and review the results of twenty-five scientific research in light of five criteria: develop and manage the scientific research centers, strengthen the international partnerships and networking, evaluate the quality of business& economic research outputs, and manage the research groups. Secondly, transmit the European and UK experiences in the field of business and economic field so that will embolden the capacity of academics and improve the infrastructure of scientific research. 

About (35) researchers from many local and international universities have partaken with scientific papers; however, only (25) out of 35research papers have been selected to be presented in four scientific sessions contributed into two days. The research papers, which conducted with a company of four European partners and four local universities, will be published in a special issue in the scientific research deanship.

The two-day conference managed by IUG encompassed one session for the first day and three sessions for the second day. For the first session, the emphasis was on the significant role of research and study centers, which stand for sponsoring loads of research and projects in business and economic field. Palestinian research centers, however, still have no notable role. Therefore, the BERC project seeks to pursue and achieve sustainable development in Palestine and bolster the Palestinian capacity by translating the scientific papers into policies and real actions on the ground.

As scientific research is one of the most important necessities of contemporary development, the recommendations require specialists in economics to do further research on complicated issues. Consequently, present unequaled projects that mimic reality and offer solutions. The session has also framed the obstacles that hinder scientific research such as the lack of financial support.