ASM Appoints IUG Prof. Country Ambassador

03 - Mar - 2019

The American Society for Microbiology approves the IUG Microbiology prof. Abdelraouf A. Elmanama a Country Ambassador and leader at ASM in his home country, Palestine. The association has chosen prof. Elmanama for his flourishing scientific research to promote the microbial sciences and foster collaboration worldwide to represent the local scientific community.

ASM is the oldest and largest single life science society in the world. it works in selecting Country Ambassadors, who are currently 95 ASM Country Ambassadors.  The ASM members play a key role in building relationships with key institutions across the world, facilitating partnerships, responding to the needs of the local scientific community by organizing programmatic and financial support. In addition, ASM Ambassadors' endeavor is to accomplish the ASM mission through a variety of products and activities.

The ASM Ambassador task is not only limited to local communities but also can strengthen ASM’s global network of members by sharing ideas and experiences among countries. ASM will provide a platform for sharing the latest scientific discoveries through books, journals, meetings, and conferences. Moreover, it will strengthen sustainable health systems through its laboratory capacity building and global engagement programs. Significantly this can help ASM to support the advancement of microbiology in our country.