Delegation of NORWAC Visits Nursing Faculty

27 - Feb - 2019

A delegation of the Norwegian Aid Committee (NORWAC) visited IUG Nursing Faculty to enhance the educational process at the Nursing Faculty. The delegation included Msc Synne Holan, from NORWAC; Mrs. Ellen Blix, Professor in midwife at Oslo Metropolitan University.  

This visit offered an educational model that mimics the case of a new-born infant who suffers from breathing problems. She illustrated the mechanism of dealing with this model so that nursing students will be able to mimic the reality, deal with the emergency cases, and offer aid with right scientific methodology. 

This visit is part of the ongoing IUG- NORWAC cooperation that resulted in sponsoring a previous academic program that awarded the high diploma degrees in clinical supervision of midwifery units. The project served the midwives of the Palestinian Health Administration by Midwifery Section in Nursing Faculty.

Throughout the meeting, they discussed new ways to cooperate with the parties. Therefore, those new ways will serve and enhance both theoretical and practical aspects of learning that are relevant to the midwifery labor market.

 It is noteworthy that The NORWAC has offered in previous visits many educational models that work with the simulation system in order to foster the practical aspect in the field of teaching of midwifery.