Third Conference of Rhetorical Miracle in Quran

24 - Feb - 2019

 The Committee of Quran & Sunni Miracle in Quran & Dawa Center held the third conference of the rhetorical miracle in Quran. The rhetorical miracle is the ability of the holy Quran to convey its meanings and different messages clearly and with an eloquence that no human can bring.

The conference made up of three sessions that are of great value: The truth and connotations of the rhetorical miracle and its relationship with the sciences of the Qur'an, the rhetorical miracle and its relation to the context and grammar, the rhetorical miracle and its relation to the time stories.  

The first session discoursed several topics related to understanding the verses of Quran. One of the most central topics was the influential role of the rhetorical miracle on the spiritual side of human, and how the eloquence of Quran can change the psychological state of a reader of Quran. The preachers also highlighted the role of Quranic sciences in fostering the comprehension of Quranic texts and the the role of the rhetorical methods in clarifying the meaning of the ambiguous texts of Quran. For more illustration, the Surah Yusuf was taken the core of discussion as a model to show the rhetorical miracle of Quran.

The second session reflected on the Quranic context and its role in the interpretation of the verses of Quran, taking the Surah An-Naml & Surah Ash-Shuraa best examples. All Quran's chapters have many aspects of Arabic rhetoric; especially those verses that challenge the disbelievers who rebelled against prophet Mohammad peace be upon him. That is, challenging prevails in word choice when Allah addresses them and challenging them as well by ordering them to write something similar, and always He encounters them by "the same". This eventually proves the sincerity of the prophet. This session shows both theoretical and practical aspects of Quran's rhetoric by applying many interpretations by context on many chapters and verses of the holy Quran. The notion of how the Quran contains loads of demonstrations that prove the mighty of Allah is well- elaborated. Participants also illustrated that the Quran has well-chosen words that suit the context. Those lexical choices fulfill the comprehension of all people who try to read the Quran. Therefore, people will get all ideas conveyed by Quran by its lexical items and stylistics as well.

The third session spotted lights on the night-reading Quran miracle on healing the soul and absorbing as well living the meaning of Quran by referring to the metaphors and verbal repetition in verse's pauses. Also, it manifested the connotations of recitation and intonation on the interpretative meaning of Quran, figuring out the relation between the rhetorical miracle and the Quranic story, Surah Maryam example. Another participation was focusing on the idea of time space, Surah Al-Kahf example; pointing out to the story of the cave Owners. In addition, the session showed the temporal miracle in the Qur'anic stories, taking the Story of Moses as a model.